BZ-A Powder Packaging Machine

BZ series packaging machine is suitable for quantitative packaging of various powder materials, such as substitute meal powder, condiments, bait, flour, pesticides, veterinary drugs, disinfectants, laundry powder, milk powder, etc...

Model BZ-A Semi-automatic Quantitative Packaging Machine

Scope Of Application:

BZ series packaging machine is suitable for quantitative packaging of various powder materials, such as substitute meal powder, condiments, bait, flour, pesticides, veterinary drugs, disinfectants, laundry powder, milk powder, etc.

Main Parameters:

Packaging range 5-5000g/bag power 380V 900W

Packing speed 1200-2500 bags/hour weight 280 kg

Packaging accuracy (+1%) shape size, length * width * height = 1000 * 800 * 1850 (mm)

Packaging range



380V 900W

Packing Speed




Packaging Accuracy


Outline Size


Advantages: 1. Microcomputer control, accurate quantification, adjustable parameters, automatic error correction function.

2. The filling parts have high processing accuracy, good interchangeability and reasonable classification.

3. Modular design, flexible combination, optional automatic feeding device, bagging device and leak-proof device and special raw material components.

4. Rolling bearing wear is small, strong and weak electric shunt without interference, high reliability, wide use.

5. All stainless steel body design, corrosion resistance, can be applied to most raw materials, with longer service life.

Feedback weighing mode is adopted.

The working principle of this machine is constant volume cutting and static weighing feedback. This machine is set up by using a unique motor according to the packing specifications. The main board computer calculates according to the setting weight, gets the cutting signal and completes filling at a high speed. After filling, the bags containing materials are placed on the weighing feedback table, so that the computer can read and match. Feedback adjustment should be made after weighing value is compared with theoretical value. Next cutting will be based on the revised value of this feedback. And so on. This measurement model is suitable for 5g-500g material packaging specifications up to 1/100 of the error accuracy (Note: condiment samples).

The main components of this machine are introduced:

The main motor adopts the special motor with large torque: different from the customized large torque three-phase stepper motor of common hybrid stepper motor.

Mixing motor is imported motor: Mixing motor adopts imported motor with low noise, long life and maintenance-free.

The hopper adopts open translucent stainless steel. It is convenient to observe the material level in the hopper and easy to clean. According to the material properties, hopper can be selected for plastics, stainless steel, open silos and so on.

Exclusive highlights of the latest edition :

The mixer motor control and feeding control of this machine are controlled by SCR drive module and programmed intelligent control.

Traditionally, the start and stop button controls the action of the contactor suction and closure control motor. The mechanical contacts of the contactor can be used for a long time, and the arc can be generated during the conduction, so the contactor can not be started frequently.

Traditionally, switching can not be realized or other components and switching buttons should be installed. Adding multiple lines is not conducive to safety and maintenance.

The reaction time of material level control can be adjusted arbitrarily according to material characteristics.

Tradition: Fixed reaction time, for some materials sensing ability is poor or not, the level control is inaccurate.

Tradition: Without this function, for some lighter materials, workers need to constantly pouch, increase labor intensity or can not be packaged.

Principle and characteristics of the equipment:

1. The powder packing machine is a combination of machine, electricity, light and instrument. It is controlled by single chip computer. It has the functions of automatic quantification, automatic filling, automatic adjustment of measurement error and so on.

2. Fast speed: using screw cutting and light control technology.

3. Wide packing range: The same quantitative packaging machine can adjust and replace the screw of different specifications continuously within 5-5000g by electronic scale keyboard.

4. Wide scope of application: Powder materials with certain fluidity can be used. Suitable for quantitative packaging of powder in bags, cans, bottles and other packaging containers.

5. High accuracy: stepping motor and electronic weighing technology.

6. Errors caused by material specific gravity and material level change can be automatically tracked and corrected.

7. Stainless steel is used to make the contact parts with materials. It is easy to clean and prevent cross-contamination.

8. Configurable feeding device, more user-friendly.

Photoelectric switch control, only manual bagging, bag mouth clean, easy to seal.

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