Main Parameters:

Model ZX-8PC Power Range 2KW
Packing Accuracy / Packing Speed 30-60bags/min (depending on material density and specifications slightly fluctuated)
Packaging Range W:100-240mm L:100-300mm Host Weight 1200kg
Outline Size length * width * height=1550*1350*1400(mm)    

Detailed Information:

ZX-8PC Automatic Packaging Machine

Automatic bagging, printing date batch number, filling, sealing and all other work, instead of traditional manual packaging. Automatic quantitative packaging of powder, granule, liquid, slurry, fluid and other types of raw materials (equipment components need to be adjusted according to raw materials).

Mechanical Station Eight stations Power 2KW
Packing Speed 30-60bags/min (depending on material density and specifications slightly fluctuated) Mechanical Weight 1200KG
Bag Size W:100-240mm L:100-300mm Equipment Dimensions length * width * height=1550*1350*1400(mm
Packaging Material composite film, PE, PP, etc. Voltage three phase380v 50Hz/60Hz
Bag type Stand-up pouch (zipper and no zipper)Flat bag (three-side seal, four-side seal, tote bag, zipper bag), paper bag, composite bag, etc. Compressed air consumption 0.6m³/min (provided by customer)

Performance Characteristics:

1. Fully automatic quantitative packaging, realizing the automation of enterprise product packaging process, improving production efficiency and reducing enterprise costs.

2. The contact parts of the body with materials and packaging bags are made of food-grade safety materials, which conform to the hygienic standard of food plus machinery and ensure the hygiene and safety of food.

3. Can use various types of packaging bags, simple settings, rapid dismantling.

4. Choosing different filling equipment according to the material can realize packaging of various solid, liquid, sauce, powder, particle, etc. It is widely applicable and easy to dismantle.

5. The electric control system adopts advanced Mitsubishi PLC, equipped with color POD (touch screen), friendly man-machine interface and convenient operation.

6. The machine is equipped with automatic detection device, which can monitor the pressure of air pressure, the state of temperature controller, the condition of bag on the machine, etc. It is convenient for maintenance personnel to add raw materials in time, and can independently set up a typewriter, filling device and hot air device to meet the different packaging needs of customers.


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