Technical Parameters:

Model/technical parameters:
Labeling speed: 40-60 pieces/min (related to material and label size)
Labeling accuracy: ±1.0mm (excluding material and label size)
Label size: (L)20-280mm   (H)30-100mm
Material Size: Outer Diameterφ35-φ105mm   High50-200mm
Applicable Label Volume Internal Diameter: φ76mm
Available outside diameter of label roll: maximumΦ350mm
Whole machine size: 2000*850*1450(mm)
Power use: AC220V 50Hz  1000W

Configuration List:

Name Quantity Remarks
PLC Controller 1 Taiwan DELTA
Man-machine interface 1 Taiwan DELTA
Man-machine communication cable 1  
Inverter 1 Taiwan DELTA
Frequency Conversion Communication Cable 1  
DC 24V DC Power Supply 1 Taiwan DELTA
   Standard Checking Sensor   1                 German Labor Testing
   Detection Sensor   1 Keynes, Japan
    Reflective fiber   1 Keynes, Japan
     Transformer   1 Great Wall of Shanghai
Power Interface Extension Module   1 Shanghai Eastern Control
 Bid-sending Stepper Motor   1 Shenzhen Research and Control
Marking motor driver   1 Shenzhen Research and Control
Power switch 1 Schneider, France
Emergency stop switch 1 Schneider, France
Air switch 1 People's Electrical Appliances
Conveying motor 1 Jinlong, Zhejiang
Roll label wheel attached motor 1 Taiwan CUHK
Sub bottle motor 1 Taiwan CUHK
Bottle motor governor 1 Taiwan CUHK
     A burglar alarm   1 Ampt
Fuse 3 Shanghai Gonggong

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