Main Parameters:

Model ZX-C-10 Power Range 750W
Packing Accuracy ±0.5% Packing Speed 180-600 bags/hour
Packaging Range 1—10 kg/bag Host Weight 200KG
Outline Size Length * width * height=1000*1000*2300(mm)    

Detailed Information:

Model ZX-C-10 is a quantitative packaging machine.

It is suitable for granular quantitative packaging of fried goods, peanuts, melon seeds, miscellaneous grains, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, hardware, etc.

Performance Characteristics:

1. Weighing measurement method with high accuracy.

2. Double vibrating bucket feeding, double weighing bucket weighing, fast.

3. High-quality 304 stainless steel is used in the contact part with materials, which is pollution-free.

4. Simple structure, easy to disassemble and clean.

5. The operation is simple, convenient and easy to maintain.


Exclusively using drop and precision tracking technology, the machine itself has its own error correction function for higher repeatability and higher precision.

One machine and two systems, with one lower hopper and two weighing units, can realize fast feeding and can work in turn, and the packaging speed can reach twice the packaging speed of single system.

Electronic weighing to ensure packaging accuracy.

Eight-stage vibration system, which can adjust the size and vibration feeding unit according to the material characteristics, realize fast feeding and slow feeding adjustment, in order to obtain higher packaging speed and precision.

The feeding bin is equipped with adjusting baffles to adjust the flow rate of the discharging materials so as to increase the packing speed as much as possible.

The parts in contact with the materials are all made of stainless steel for easy cleaning and prevent cross-contamination.

Complete separation of strong and weak circuits, strong anti-interference ability.

The two systems can work independently, work in turn, work in parallel, etc., so that users can choose the work mode that suits their work according to their own situation, so as to maximize the utilization efficiency of the equipment.

The circuit consists of five functional control systems, modular design, reducing post-maintenance costs.

Photoelectric control, simple operation, clean bag mouth, easy sealing.

Optional automatic feeding system for real-time control of material level and automatic feeding.

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