ZX-C-10 Semi-automatic Quantitative Packaging Machine

Scope of application:

ZX packaging machine is an intelligent weighing automatic quantitative packaging machine, with double-layer vibration feeding, computer control, accurate and fast. It mainly contains small granular materials, such as dried fruits, fried goods, melon seeds, peanuts, broad beans, chicken essence, monosodium glutamate, miscellaneous grains, pesticides (granules), hardware and so on.

Main Parameters:

Packaging Specifications 20—2500 g/bag Power 500W
Packing Speed 1500-2500 bags/hour Weight 180KG
Packing Accuracy ±0.5% Outline Size length*width*height=1250*910*1850(mm)

Advantages: 1. High-precision digital sensor makes accurate measurement instantaneous.

2. Microcomputer control system, advanced technology, simple operation, more reliable use

3. Multi-stage vibration feeding, automatic error correction, product specification memory function, high precision packaging

4. Multi-scale alternating work, extremely fast packaging.

5. High quality 316 stainless steel is used in the contact part with materials, which is anti-corrosion, dust-proof and easy to clean.

6. Compatibility is strong, easy to use with other packaging equipment.


A machine has four weighing units and eight vibration units, which can realize fast feeding and rotate work. Four vibration unit systems have relatively low cost and slightly influence on packaging speed.

Electronic weighing to ensure packaging accuracy

The feeding bin is equipped with adjusting baffles to adjust the flow rate of the discharging materials so as to increase the packing speed as much as possible.

Complete separation of strong and weak circuits, strong anti-interference ability

A wide range of packaging: the same equipment can achieve 20-2500 grams of packaging. Just change the setting parameters.

Photoelectric control, simple operation, clean bag mouth, easy sealing.

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