Main Parameters:

Model ZX-C-4 Power Range  
Packing Accuracy ±1% Packing Speed 20-60 bags / minute
Packaging range 1-13ml、20-80ml、50-300ml、100-600ml(optional) Host Weight  
Outline Size      

Detailed Information:

ZX-320K Automatic Particle Backpacker

Applicable to all kinds of granular materials such as peanuts, melon seeds, broad beans, green beans, seeds, popcorn and other automatic packaging machine.

Main Parameter:

Product Characteristics:

Packing Speed 20-60 bags / minute Bag length 30-280mm
  1-13ml、20-80ml、50-300ml、100-600ml(optional) Bag width 25-145mmbag maker to be replaced
Packaging Accuracy ±1% Packaging form back seal

1. Microcomputer control, accurate quantification, adjustable parameters, with automatic error correction function.


2. The filling parts have high processing accuracy, good interchangeability and reasonable classification.

3. Modular design, flexible combination, automatic feeding device, bagging device and leak-proof device and special raw material components can be selected according to needs.

4. Rolling bearing wear is small, strong and weak electric shunt without interference, high reliability, wide range of use.

5. All stainless steel body design, corrosion resistance, can be applied to most raw materials, with longer service life.

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