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Solemn commitment: every Zhengzhou Zhongxing Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd. products enjoy one year of free replacement, warranty service, and lifelong maintenance. Zhengzhou Zhongxing Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in 1997, is a high-tech private enterprise that independently develops, produces and sells packaging machinery and its supporting equipment. We have a professional RD team, according to customer requirements, continuous development, progress, everything is to meet customers as the goal. Zhengzhou Zhongxing Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd. is the first packaging machine manufacturer in Zhengzhou to obtain the manufacturing measurement instrument license issued by Henan Provincial Bureau of Qual

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Peanut packaging machine performance and characteristics:1, high-precision digital sensor enables accurate metering instants;2. Microcomputer control system with advanced technology, easy operation and more reliable use...

The quality of packaging affects the safety of product quality. Pesticides belong to special products, improper packaging can easily weaken the efficacy of pesticides, cause pollution to other products, and even pose a threat to the human body.

Powder packaging machine is a good solution to the demand for food in today's market. The traditional production mode can not meet the demand of the public for food. The development of fast-selling food has greatly stimulated the food packaging industry.